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Please read our terms and conditions below.

1 Payment Terms

1.1  The Hiring Party’s booking will be confirmed once we have received the filled out form below . we have confirmed with you the booking is available and deposit has been received

1.2  The deposit amount will be given to you via email/message/invoice 

1.3  If the deposit and signed contract have not been received within 7 days of tentative booking. The Owner reserves the right to cancel the booking and release the date to other enquirers.

1.4  Tentative bookings are not binding to either party.

1.5  Full payment of the invoice balance costs are due 3 days prior to (or when arranged by SPF EVENTS) ,or immediately if booked 3 days, before the event date. 

1.6  Any outstanding accounts must be settled within 7 days of the event date.

1.7 SPF EVENTS reserves the right to cancel, postpone or alter the time or venue of any event. In the event of a cancellation a credit will be offered and or refund minus the deposit dependant on each individual circumstance.  In the event of a postponement or alteration to the event, a credit, or postponement date will offered.. request for a refund will be considered on a case-by-case basis

2 Cancellation

2.1 All cancellations must be notified in writing. And if notice of cancellation is provided:

2.2 If you cancel your event 20 days before your scheduled event no refund will be given

2.3 Deposit to confirm your booking is non refundable if you cancel your event

3 Numbers

3.1  The Owner requests that the Hiring Party provide an approximate number of guests at the time of booking.

3.2  Confirmation of final guest numbers must be given in writing to the Owner within 1-2 weeks of  event date -       Weddings 1 month of event date.

3.3  Additional hire charges may apply if guest numbers exceed that of confirmed final numbers.

4 Venue Hire

4.1  All external suppliers must be notified to the Owner prior to the Hiring Party’s event.

4.2  External suppliers must adhere to timeframes for setup and pack down as prearranged with the Owner.

4.3  All on-site visits prior to the event must be prearranged with the the Owner.

4.4  Deliveries and removal of goods and rubbish will occur at times arranged by the owner

4.5  Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Venue 

4.6  Dismantling and movement of the Owner’s tables/Items/Set Ups during the course of your hire is to be conducted by the Owner only. 

4.7  All patrons must be departed by 12:30am or arranged by the Owner

4.8  The Owner accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of your items  left at the venue prior to, during or after your event.- 

4.9  Cleaning fees will be assessed and charged if the Hiring Party leaves the venue and/or equipment in a state that the Owner deems to be excessively dirty. If the Owner determines on this basis that the venue and/or equipment will require additional cleaning, the Owner will advise the Hiring Party of the relevant cleaning fees as soon as reasonably practicable.

5 Hiring Party’s Obligations

5.1 The Hiring Party shall:

5.1.1 comply with any special conditions or exclusions (which may apply to specific land, facilities and equipment or the nature or location of the Hiring Party’s intended use of such land and equipment) notified to the Hiring Party prior to the commencement of the venue hire;

5.1.2  take proper and reasonable care of the venue and hired equipment and return it to the Owner at the end of the hire period in the same order and condition as at the commencement of the hire (fair wear and tear excepted) and in a reasonably clean state (taking into account the cleanliness of the venue, facilities and equipment at the outset of the hire period);

5.1.3  take full responsibility for the conduct of their guests. The Owner reserves the right to remove from the property any persons they deem to be disruptive or dangerous.

5.2  Any decorations supplied and set up by the Hiring Party must be completely removed at a time the Owner agrees to with the Hiring Party. 

5.3  The Hiring Party will be liable for any damage sustained on the premises and to equipment.

5.4  All health and safety related incidents must be reported to the Owner immediately and logged accordingly.

5.5  All recycling is to be separated and put in appropriate bags supplied. Rubbish can be placed in provided black bags and taken away by the hirer.

(These are to be taken away by the hiring party after the event or previously organized by SPF EVENTS)

5.6 All Bottles/Drinks must be taken away by the Hiring Party or a $100 fee will be required to remove the Bottles/Drinks from the Venue

5.7  At the conclusion of your hire, we expect the following from Venue Hirers.

(If you have booked an Event Package which includes clean up you are only required to remove bottles, filled rubbish bags from your event and your items)

5.7.1  the Venue is swept and free of food and debris;  

5.7.2  the kitchen is to be left clean and food/drinks to be removed from fridges;

5.7.3  chairs hired from the Owner are to be broken down and stacked neatly;

5.7.4  tables hired from the Owner are left standing, do not fold down them down;

5.7.5  all external hire items are removed;

5.7.6  any rubbish/unwanted items are placed in the appropriate rubbish bags provided and removed from the venue;

5.7.7 mopping of the venue floor and cleaning of the toilets will be done by SPF Events

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Please Note: Availabilty will be confirmed once we have received your form.

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