Craft Fair - Inquiry Form

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 The Abbey Craft Fair 

10am to 4pm

Child Vendor

Children run/owned businesses/stalls are free of charge 

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:Please describe the products you plan on vending at the event in as much detail as possible. 

Would you like a power site? 

Power sites are $35

Yes please

Would you like a non power site?:

If so, please specify how many sites you would like.

Non power sites $25 ech


Would you like an outside carpark spot for your stall?   

We have 3 Food Truck spots available

Food truck, outside stall:

Please let us know if you need power.

 $35 per power site

$25 per non power site

Would you like any tables or chairs - if so please specify, how many of each please:

Rectangle Trestles 1.8mtr $10ech

Square 1mtrx1mtr Tables $10ech

Round Table 1.6mtr Round $10ech

Chair $4ech


Vendor Spaces 

Each vendor is provided with a 3x2mtr space. 

Vendors are to provide their own set up, tables or chairs for displaying the merchandize. 

However we do have tables and some props available to hire - listed above

Please contact us if you are needing anything else in particular for your set up.

Please note: Under level 2 restrictions all inside Stalls are to only have 1 person running the stall.

Children's stalls can have 1x child and 1x adult

Booth Set Up 

Volunteers will be present to direct vendors to their assigned area for set-up beginning the Friday (day before) the event.

The venue will be open for Vendors to enter on the Saturday from 7am

All vendors must be completely set up 15 minutes prior to the event start and remain set-up and in place until the event end time. 

To prevent accident or injury, any vendor wishing to leave early MUST notify the event volunteers.

 No vehicles will be allowed on the event’s grounds. 

Break down of your stall occurs within an hour after the event ends. 

More detailed information regarding each of our events, including the Vendor Layout is emailed at least two weeks before the event date.