Terms & Conditions

Thank you for booking with SPF Events.

Please read our terms and conditions below.

1 Payment Terms

1.1  The Hiring Party’s booking will be confirmed once we have received the filled out form below and deposit

1.2  The deposit amount will be given to you via email/message/invoice 

1.3  If the deposit and signed contract have not been received within 7 days of tentative booking. The Owner reserves the right to cancel the booking and release the date to other enquirers.

1.4  Tentative bookings are not binding to either party.

1.5  Full payment of the invoice balance costs are due 3 days prior to (or when arranged by SPF EVENTS) ,or immediately if booked 3 days, before the event date. 

1.6  Any outstanding accounts must be settled within 7 days of the event date.

1.7 SPF EVENTS reserves the right to cancel, postpone or alter the time or venue of any event.

1.8 Bond  - A bond will be applicable for all Events as a guarantee against potential loss or damage in the amount set out in the Booking Form

 1.9. Refund of the Bond shall only be made if all obligations under this Agreement are fulfilled by the Hirer, no extra cleaning is required and no damage to the Venue or its contents is sustained on inspection by the Venue Manager after the Event, otherwise any applicable costs will be deducted from the Bond. 

2 Cancellation

2.1 All cancellations must be notified in writing asap.

2.2 in the event of a cancellation SPFevents reserves the right to offer a credit.

2.3 In the event of a postponement or alteration to the event, a postponement date will be offered.. and or credit , request for a refund will be considered on a case-by-case basis

2.4 On all bookings, a request for a refund will be considered on a case-by-case basis -  

Events cancelled within 14 days of the event date will incur a charge for the full amount of the hireage quoted.

COVID - By accepting our terms and conditions you agree that you the hirer has taken into consideration Covid and it's governments guidelines. As hirer you are in charge of scanning in or inviting guests to the numbers specified at the time by the government.

Refunds will be available only by a case by case basis OR if the event has to be cancelled due to a LOCKDOWN

Please book / organize your event to the worst case scenario - RED LIGHT - to ensure at any stage your event can go ahead.

3 Numbers

3.1  The Owner requests that the Hiring Party provide an approximate number of guests at the time of booking.

3.2  Confirmation of final guest numbers must be given in writing to the Owner within 2 weeks of  event date -       Weddings 1 month of event date.

3.3  Additional hire charges may apply if guest numbers exceed that of confirmed final numbers.

4 Venue Hire

You acknowledge that The Abbey Church venue space is a heritage building and will need to comply with National Building Standards (in particular earth quake compliance) within the next few years (2027). (Buildings like ours are given generally 7 to 14 years to comply )

4.1  All external suppliers must be notified to the Owner prior to the Hiring Party’s event.

4.2  External suppliers must adhere to timeframes for setup and pack down as prearranged with the Owner.

4.3  All on-site visits prior to the event must be prearranged with the the Owner.

4.4  Deliveries and removal of goods and rubbish will occur at the end of your event or by 9am the following morning or arranged by the owner

4.5  Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Venue 

4.5.1  All guests must be made aware of the alcohol ban on the inner city streets. This could be via written notification prior to the event.                                                                              * There is to be NO drinking on the footpath outside the venue*  this is a liquor ban area. Drinking outside the venue may result in you receiving a fine.

4.6  Dismantling and movement of the Owner’s tables/Items/Set Ups during the course of your hire is to be conducted by the Owner only. 

4.7  All patrons  must be departed by 12:30am or arranged by the Owner

4.8  The Owner accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of your items  left at the venue prior to, during or after your event.

4.9  The venue must be in a tidy state by the end of your hire time specified. This includes but is not limited to the removal of all rubbish, making good any damage, removing all hired equipment from the site - unless organized prior with SPF EVENTS.  

  SPF EVENTS supply basic general cleaning of the venue as part of this agreement, however extreme cleaning such as cleaning up breakages, excrement or other extraordinary situations will incur additional cleaning charges. It is possible to contract out of main cleaning,  recycling removal, Bottles etc please see the fees for this. 

- We strongly recommend adding on our Commercial Clean up for afterwards for a fun, easy and care free event.

4.9.1  Cleaning fees will be assessed and charged if the Hiring Party leaves the venue and/or equipment in a state that the Owner deems to be excessively dirty. If the Owner determines on this basis that the venue and/or equipment will require additional cleaning, the Owner will advise the Hiring Party and notify the Hirer of the relevant cleaning fees as soon as reasonably practicable - if assessment of the cost of cleaning cannot be determined at the time the Hirer returns the venue/equipment to the owner , the owner will invoice as soon as the cleaning/replacement quote has been received.

4.9.2 If booking a set up creation by SPF Events - any last minute changes to the set up will incur a RUSH fee of $150 (Rush fee includes day before (after 5pm) and day of the event changes)

5 Hiring Party’s Obligations

 The Hiring Party shall:

5.1.1 comply with any special conditions or exclusions (which may apply to specific land, facilities and equipment or the nature or location of the Hiring Party’s intended use of such land and equipment) notified to the Hiring Party prior to the commencement of the venue hire;

5.1.2  take proper and reasonable care of the venue and hired equipment and return it to the Owner at the end of the hire period in the same order and condition as at the commencement of the hire (fair wear and tear excepted) and in a reasonably clean state (taking into account the cleanliness of the venue, facilities and equipment at the outset of the hire period);

5.1.3  take full responsibility for the conduct of their guests. The Owner reserves the right to remove from the property any persons they deem to be disruptive or dangerous.

5.2  Any decorations supplied and set up by another Hiring Party must be completely removed at a time the Owner agrees to with the Hiring Party. 

5.3  The Hiring Party will be liable for any damage sustained on the premises and to equipment.

5.4  All health and safety related incidents must be reported to the Owner immediately and logged accordingly.

5.5 All Bottles/Drinks must be taken away by the Hiring Party that evening or by 9.30am the next morning or previously arranged by SPF EVENTS - if this is not able to be done a $280 fee will be charged to remove the Bottles/Drinks from the Venue.

  At the conclusion of your hire, we expect the following from Venue Hirers. 

5.7  the kitchen is to be left clean and food/drinks to be removed from fridges;

5.8  chairs hired from the Owner are to be placed where they were placed when you entered the venue for your event

5.9  tables hired from the Owner are to be left standing, do not fold down them down;

6.  all external hire items are removed;

6.1  any rubbish/unwanted  items are to be removed from the venue, unless you have arranged for the venue to remove  the items;


At times there may be other spaces within the venue/party hub that will have events running at the same time.

 There is to be no mingling or wondering into other event areas. As the hirer we ask that you make sure your guests know this also.

Name of Hirer, Birthday Person or Person the Event is for:
Event Type & Theme (if you have one):
Preferred Date and Time of event:

This will be confirmed with you after we have checked availability.

How many hours would you like to hire  for?:

The venue hire comes with the following

Round Tables & Rectangle Tables - 

Table cloths are not supplied on the tables with just "venue hire" - however these are available to hire 

Chairs, Tables, Toilets, Showers, Kitchenette

We have popped together below the most popular set up and items clients want for their event 

- for more info on the below packages - pop on over to the venue pages for a list of what each package comes with.

Pre Made Packages



The Abbey 



Unsure how to start creating your perfect event..  not sure what to have?

Choose a package above or customize everything from the below items

Table's & Chairs

Please Note: The Venue comes with tables and chairs with the venue hire - no extra charge 

(does not include bar leaners as per above)

If you would like them set up , packed down for you & decorated please specify number of table sets you would like below

Bar Leaners $40ech:

How many would you like? :

Tables/Chairs: $45 a set 

Please specify number of tables

Set includes - 

       Round or Rectangle Table ,             8x Chairs, Table Cloth (White or Black (other colours on asking) , Table Runner if wanted, Table Decoration:

Let's get building!


Cutlery & Crockery

Cutlery & Crockery



Food & Drink

Please note: Our Venue's are BYO 

Food & Drink



Fabulous! Amazing start!    And yes this was just the start :) 

please note.. we have so much available in the way of set ups, backdrops, hire items etc... so please ask or let us know what you want if it is not listed above and let's create your ideal event.

Any Questions?


Your bank details for the bond return

Bond: $500

Account Name, Account Number

Full Venue Clean/Rubbish/Bottle

Would you like to add any of the following add on's for after your event?

We highly recommend to create an easy in and out event for you. 

Terms and Conditions

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